Afghan Kush

Naturally originating in the Hindu Kush mountain region near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Afghan Kush is an almost pure indica strain that has been perfected over the years to yield a thick coat of resin perfect for making outstanding hashish. These plants truly produce a beautiful THC-rich bud that delivers all those classic indica traits!

Afghan Kush has an earthy, hashy aroma with Pinesol undertones. Its sweet hash taste echoes its smell. The top of the plant typically has huge buds that are coated in a hefty resinous frosting. This pure indica is a growers best friend as the yield on this strain is nothing short of amazing. 

Afghan Kush is a perfect strain to unwind with after a long day once all the chores are done. The relaxation and comfort-inducing effects are very strong with this strain making it a staple indica recommended time and time again. It’s world-renowned for its sedating effects in both the body and mind.

Afghan Kush is a good strain for releasing the troubles of the day and falling into a deep sleep that is sure to refresh and rejuvenate the body. It promotes a happy relaxation and lazy heaviness that is great for insomnia and can put the most experienced user to sleep as needed. Titrate accordingly to make sure you are not knocked out!

Its medical effects are just as those from a strong indica should be: exceptional chronic pain relief and muscle relaxation! Just the ticket after a hard day’s work. Lay back and spark this herb to let the troubles of the world slide off the shoulders. It has also been used to treat depression, stress and anxiety with amazing results…no more worry with this magical medicinal.

Afghan Kush is perfect to help those with eating disorders, such as anorexia, because of its boosting effect on appetite. Happy, Hungry, and Relaxed are the keywords that all agree upon when it comes to the legendary strain Afghan Kush.

Indica/Sativa/Hybrid: Indica


Pain: 10/10

Stress: 9/10

Insomnia: 7/10

Lack of Appetite: 6/10

Depression: 5/10


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