Golden Goat

Golden Goat, a happy accident, originated in Topeka, Kansas when a Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated an Island Sweet Skunk plant by chance. The breeders decided to give the plant a chance and this delicious strain was born! Golden Goat is light green in colour and covered in pink hairs that make it stand out among its peers. It has a spicy yet sweet aroma that complements its tropical fruit-flavoured taste.

It is slightly sativa-dominant and so has a lank appearance and takes just a bit longer to flower. This sativa-dominance is worth the extra time it takes to bloom though, given its super high THC content of up to 23%! The effects have been described as medium-lasting, keeping patients happily medicated for 1-2 hours.

Golden Goat is an excellent choice for battling stress and anxiety and fantastic for brainstorming new ideas as it puts the user in a happy and creative state of mind. It’s great for battling lethargy and fatigue due to its sativa genetics, promoting a content state of energetic enthusiasm. This puts Golden Goat at the top of the list for patients searching for a potent daytime strain that will keep them focused on their daily task and activities.

Golden Goat boasts amazing pain-relieving effects, producing a relaxed and comfortable body high without all the fog accompanied by more potent indica-dominant strains. It can loosen the pressure in the eyes of glaucoma patients and is a reliable option in scenarios where one must medicate but can’t afford to fall asleep or feel lazy. Golden Goat is recommended as a daytime strain to battle depression and add a gentle coat of comfort around the body while maintaining energy levels and staying present. 

Indica/Sativa/Hybrid: Hybrid


Stress: 10/10

Depression: 9/10

Pain: 6/10

Fatigue: 5/10

Headaches: 3/10


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