Mazar X Blueberry 

Mazar X Blueberry offers the best of both worlds; a potent sativa side that induces an enjoyable headspace with a heavy indica-leaning punch that promotes drifting off in comfort on a lazy afternoon. High in THC, this strain is a cross of Mazar and Blueberry, two legendary strains that are infamous around the globe. Growers love cultivating Mazar X Blueberry as it has a short flowering time matched with amazing yields. It grows short and wide making it a go-to for patients growing their own medicine indoors. Mazar X Blueberry has a distinct berry flavour that only adds to the overall experience.

It’s a perfect strain for when pain and muscle relaxation are needed during the day without debilitation as its sativa genetics give it a uppity headspace as opposed to a drowsy tired indica effect. Mazar X Blueberry promotes a relaxed mood that makes it easy to go about the day without stress interfering. Its euphoric effects are great for artists looking to settle into a headspace that allows creativity to flourish. The uplifting effects combat fatigue-related issues, giving way to a sense of ability in all one needs to accomplish. 

Although Mazar x Blueberry is most commonly used for pain and stress relief it is also beneficial for a number of other uses. This strain is known for healing depression and sustaining an improved state of mind. It’s also ideal for those who are sleep-deprived and need to erase tiredness for a long day ahead. If a weak stomach is an issue then Mazar x Blueberry’s nausea fighting effects are called for. Mazar x Blueberry is a versatile strain whose indica and sativa effects are well-balanced and can be used both during the daytime or nighttime effectively. 

Indica/Sativa/Hybrid: Hybrid


Stress: 10/10

Pain: 8/10

Insomnia: 6/10

Depression: 5/10

Nausea: 3/10


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