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Hempstar is a 90% indica hybrid that is popular as a daytime strain for both recreational and medical users. This plant has vastly improved the life of many, allowing them to still be fully functional while enjoying an invigorating and clear headed traditional sativa high.

Hempstar, now also known as Brainstorm, is a Dutch Passion Seeds creation that is known for being a strong, almost pure sativa hybrid. Originally, this strain was engineered by fusing together Skunk, Oasis and Haze, but was then improved by Dutch Seeds by crossing Northern Lights with Haze.

This sativa dominant hybrid is a vivid and vibrant variant that truly represents the feel-good sativa effects in the most traditional sense. Hempstar has taste that is mild and pleasant, guaranteeing a soothing and uplifting all-round experience, with a surefire cerebrally stimulating high.

Hempstar represents the typical sativa high in its classical sense, as it is uplifting and can make you feel like you can accomplish anything you set your mind on, and with much enthusiasm. This hybrid is great at making you begin your day with the right amount of focus and clear-headedness.

This strain is 90% sativa, which really says it all – it is perfect at adding a shot of creativity into your day, which is especially popular among artists and musician. Hempstar can make you feel more inspired than usual, allowing you to delve deeper into your best ideas, Hempstar is an ideal daytime strain of choice, as it will make you feel extra energized, and some swear this works better than your standard cup of coffee. A certain amount of euphoria can be expected when smoking this strain, alongside a feeling of being more positively inclined and happy-go-lucky.

Hempstar has a mild yet pleasing terpene profile, with hints of fresh pine being the most dominant of aromas. A certain sweetness is also noticeable, and this sativa dominant strain can also contain earthy hints and some fruitiness, making your mouth water each time and without fail.

Hempstar is especially flavorful among the sativa hybrids. This strain can taste creamy and woody on the inhale, with its smoke containing a certain skunkiness to it. This hybrid tastes fruity and slightly citrus on the exhale, reminding you of a pungent pine flavor that feels sticky and sweet on your tongue.

This strain can make some users feel nervous and paranoid at times. Hempstar is quite strong and not something for complete novices to attempt to consume – chances are, they will feel overwhelmed with this smoke’s strength and not be able to enjoy its high. Hempstar can leave you feeling anxious, making you feel parched, with a dry mouth and dry and itchy eyes. Some patients experience a slight headache when smoking this strain, especially towards the end of their high, but it is a pain that generally does not last very long, and tends to decrease over time.

Hempstar is a very popular medical strain, that is widely recommended, especially to patients who are seeking out a strain that will allow them to still function properly during the day. This strain is very effective against mood disorders, especially for patients who suffer from depression and anxiety. This sativa hybrid is widely prescribed in the treatment of chronic stress, as it is vert effective in relaxing the mind, while allowing you to stay productive during your work day. Hempstar is therefore also recommended for patients who tend to suffer from chronic fatigue, giving them a necessary boost of energy.

Hempstar has been successfully used by cancer patients to help restore their lost appetites, as chemical treatments and radiation can cause them to feel very nauseated. Some patients may also benefit from the use of this strain when they suffer from pains and aches, as it can reduce inflammations and soothe back pains, migraines and even joint aches.

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